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All the evidence I gathered concluded that a remarkable opportunity exists to optimize revenue in agriculture and other adjacent markets belonging to the field services industry. That’s how I started this company. Every other week, we discover new findings that drive our automation solution. For example, we classified GPS points to map unproductive times to activities, solving the issue that if a service provider can’t recall what actions cause to waste time and cost, he can’t decide what he needs to change to minimize waste. With FieldTrend solution, a service provider can now determine how to change the activity, if possible, to reduce the waste time, resulting in more profitability per customer. We recently discovered that inefficient scheduling of work orders drove the fleet to the same locations many times – sometimes the same day, other times the next day – for different jobs. FieldTrend is currently automating the scheduling and resource allocation optimization to reduce the unnecessary commute time, which helps the service provider gain 15 to 20 days back to work on more jobs to produce more revenue.

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I started the company to optimize revenue for service providers. I first learned abo ut the thin margins in agriculture from a farmer – Justin

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