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Manual data entry is inefficient, wastes time and cost

Conversational app for process automation. Uses voice to fill forms automatically. The app frees up time for other productive tasks. Recite instead of type. 

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  • How it works

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Instead of typing or calling support staff who manually fills out lengthy order forms, salespeople recites the work order form details to the app. Unlike conventional speech-to-text systems that only transcribe, FieldTrend’s app goes beyond transcription by automatically recognizing, and recording each form field into the back-end ERP system. Thus, improving productivity and reducing costs.

How does it work?

Recite instead of type

Use the app to recite the work order form details. The app transcribes, recognizes, and fills each work order form field automatically.

Automated real-time integration

The app passes the recognized form fields to the FieldTrend system that automatically integrates the data with the third-party ERP system with or without APIs.

Automated Emails

The system sends out emails to all stakeholders as needed.

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A few voice-first use cases

We are working with users of the following markets. Contact us to discuss your use case. 

Agriculture retail

Pest Control Advisors or their support staff currently manually enter recommendations in the system. FieldTrend frees them up from unproductive data entry tasks to focus on value-add tasks.

Police Department

The Long Beach PD sought to digitize paper processes that officers perform as part of their daily work. FieldTrend offered a conversational option, beyond digitalization, to save police officers time in manually entering data in the mobile app.

Utility Customers

Some of the field calls related to Utility bills and service require more contextualization than a simple FAQ. The City sought an automated communicative solution to improve customer experience and reduce call loads.

Some of the benefits

Employees don’t have to waste time filling out forms or typing to search in CRM, ERP, and other applications.

  • Free up employees’ time upto 90%

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Gain at least $100k on $2M sales

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If you have any questions or like to discuss your business problems, please fill out the form and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

Save time & money for your busisness

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