cost-to-serve allocation

With reliable visibility into cost-to-serve, manage decisions that impact net margin by customer.

As we go from one customer field to another, I can see in real-time the actual cost to service a customer. Thanks to the cost allocator. My efficiency to reconcile revenue-to-cost per customer is improved significantly. Further, I can now distinguish the combinations and activities that are profit makers from those that are loss makers.

Mike German - The Dune Company of Salinas

Automated Cost-to-Serve Allocation

No manual data entry. Real-time cost updates for net margins management per customer

Cost-to-Serve tablet
Cost-to-Serve Metrics

Root-Cause Analysis

Captures activities with their costs per customer

  • Loading efficiency
  • Unloading efficiency
  • Operating efficiency inside the field
  • Headland efficiency
  • Drive time
  • Custom field activities

Activities Logs

Traces events and locations to identify improvement opportunities

  • Track work statuses
  • Route history
  • Engine status
  • Activity duration
Event Logs