Boost Pest Control Advisers Productivity

Boost Pest Control Advisers Productivity with a Voice App

How to Boost Pest Control Advisers Productivity with Conversational AI

Are you searching to boost Pest Control Advisers productivity? Or reduce waste?

Reduce Repetitive Unproductive Tasks

What are the few examples of boosting Pest Control Advisers Productivity?

Pest Control Advisers productivity is lost when a customer, harvester, calls to learn about the Pre-harvest interval (PHI) or Re-entry Interval (REI).

Do your customers or others repeatedly call you to inquire about workers’ reentry intervals without personal protective equipment (PPE)?

How are you currently responding to those calls?

Pest Control Advisers’ productivity loses when he manually looks up the grower, ranch, and lot information in a paper-based binder to determine PHI or REI since the spray job completion date and time.

Do you use a similar paper-based tracker, as shown in the picture below?

Pest Control Advisor (PCA) Log
Pest Control Advisor (PCA) Log

How much time does it typically consume before determining the PHI or reentry hours for field workers to enter without PPE?

After manually looking up a paper-based binder, do you have to call back to inform your caller of the PHI or reentry hours?

Reduce Repetitive Task to Boost Pest Control Advisers Productivity

The above scenario is one of the many examples of an unproductive repetitive task that today consumes the Pest Control Advisers’ time.

What if you could free up Pest Control Advisers from manually looking up the paper-based binder to determine the PHI or reentry?

How much time would you save per week per Pest Control Adviser?

In my experience, after talking to a few Pest Control Advisers, on average, a Pest Control Advisers could save 30-minutes on average per week if there is a way to free up Pest Control Advisers from searching for a job to determine the PHI or reentry days.

No more manually looking up paper-based binders

No more searching for a job in a digital system of records either via web or mobile

Conversational AI to Boost the Pest Control Advisers Productivity

A Pest Control Adviser can now talk to a voice app to inquire about the PHI or reentry.

For example, a Pest Control Advisers can ask, Hey Siri, what’s the PHI for Bengard, Spence ranch, lot 5 of lettuce? Or

Hey Siri, tell me the reentry hours for Bengard, Spence, lot 4 of romaine?

In return, a Siri would say, “the reentry on lot 5 of romaine on Bengard farms, Spence ranch is twenty-four hours.

OR, “the pre-harvest interval on lot 4 of lettuce on Bengard farms, Spence ranch is seven days.”  

What if a Pest Control Advisers wants to see the actual recommendation for a job posted yesterday?

A Pest Control Adviser would say, “Hey Siri, show me the REC for Higashi, Home, Lot 1, Garlic submitted yesterday.”

In response, the Conversational AI would show him the REC with all details in the recommendation for the job.

Pest Control Advisers Productivity Economics

How much is Pest Control Adviser productivity boost possible with Conversational AI?

Does saving at least 30-minutes per week per Pest Control Advisers matter to you? Saving 30-minutes per week means 1,440 minutes per year per Pest Control Adviser. Five Pest Control Advisers means saving 7,200 minutes annually, equal to 120 hours, or gaining extra three weeks per year.

What would your business do with those extra three weeks per year?

Do those extra three weeks per year means more sales or spending more time with your customers?

Do you know of other examples of how a Conversational AI can boost Pest Control Advisers’ productivity? Let me know.